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My Favorite Frameworks

Carl on feb 12th 2011

During my time as programmer, I extended my experience (who does not?). One develops oneself, and learns how to program . Thus you define the way you write your code, your preferences, and so did I. That said, I also made use of frameworks. My favorite ones you will find below:

Php/DBS: ADODB, Doctrine
Php: Zend, Symfony
JavaScript: ExtJS (nu Sencha)

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Zend FrameWork

Carl on feb 2nd 2011

More and more frameworks are being written and used. Thus, as a programmer making you work quicker (and more efficient?). A starting programmer may find it difficult to get on to speed with the, sometimes, unclear workings of those frameworks – as a matter of fact I do too sometimes …

One of the many framworks currently available is that from Zend. This framework exists for quite some time and offers many possibilities. I hav never been able to find a good tutorial until recently. The one I liked you will find at including sources.

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